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Cost per Mile

The three biggest expenses in the trucking industry are fuel, wages, and


Every good fleet manager is closely monitoring his tire expense and cost per mile.

Cost per mile is exactly what is sounds like; How much your tires cost per mile to run. This is not just the upfront cost of the tire, or even the installation. This is the everyday wear and tear that comes from things like hauling, driving, parking, starting, idling, and stopping.

Our team at Bend Commercial Tires is committed to being your partner in keeping your cost per mile to a minimum.  We have developed a proprietary software program that helps you predict and track your cost per mile and help us make the best purchasing decisions for your business based on your particular business.

Each one of our staff has over a decade of hands-on and real-world experience with what getting the most out of your commercial tires can mean to you and your pocketbook. That is why we are dedicated to making sure your tires work for you through our careful and personalized assessment of you and your vehicle’s needs.

Let’s face it, customer service in the commercial tire industry here in Central Oregon has faded over the last several years and the expectations that once were, are no longer.  We want to build relationships through customer service and quality products. We do not want just one sale, we want to earn our customers tire business for all of the years to come.


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